We are home!

It was a full-to-the-brim, action-packed, fantastic trip. A full posting with lots of photos will follow, soon, very soon. I’m going to have to figure out a way to condense what seemed like a whole summer’s worth of adventures crammed into just a few days, so prepare yourself for an epic blog post coming soon.

There’s natural beauty to come.

With a garden chock-full of wonderful things.

Along with lots of dogs

and wild hogs

and scary wolves.

There’s ancient history

And new friends.

There’s ME with a firearm — does this combination scare you?

This is a goooooood story, y’all! Stay tuned.

Plans change

Stuff happens, plans change. Instead of dipping a toe in the swirling human soup that is a public waterpark, my little brood is hitting the highway and heading to Louisiana in a few minutes.

bacteria soup, compliments of googleimages

I’m not known for being the best car traveler, and a 400-mile drive is something I’d normally prefer to sleep or drink my way through, but it’s kinda hard to do that if I’m driving. So, away we go.

I’m not dreading the long drive because it will culminate in me being in a place I’ve always wanted to visit: my dear friend Amy’s family’s farm. Not the kind with animals but rather a huge vegetable garden, 20 acres for kids to roam, woods to explore, a pond for fishing and frogging, and untold wonders to behold.

I’ve been the grateful recipient of Amy’s parents’ veggies from their garden, and there’s a reason their corn is known as liquid gold. I could live off that and the purple-hulled peas. Yum!

Stay tuned for more adventures.

Happy Birthday

Congratulations Nancy, happy birthday. I’m stuck in a savage budget & planning meeting so apologies there’s no spectacular photo montage. I hope the champagne is already flowing.