As promised…

Here’s the link to the latest newspaper article in which Super P was interviewed. I’m so glad the sports editor didn’t include Payton’s answer to his question about the best thing about going to the State Championship last summer: “The hotel was pretty nice.”

3 Comments on “As promised…”

  1. Trevor Hicks says:

    I heard the lobby of that hotel had very comfortable couches.

  2. once amelia said the best part of a big trip was the paper covers on the glasses in the hotel, room and that she got her own turkey to eat at dinner (it was a cornish hen)

  3. David Benbow says:

    Great article. I’ll bet Payton’s still on cloud 9. Can’t wait to see how things go in the sectional tournament. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    In Payton’s defense, who doesn’t like a nice hotel room? I’ve had several business trips where that’s been the highlight.

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