In stitches

I had to have a few stitches in my leg 10 days ago. Didn’t write about it because it involved a bite from a dog owned by our BFF, and he (the BFF, not the dog; she’s female) felt bad enough about the fact that his dog bit me, and I didn’t want to rub it in. I’m all for charity, but it takes a backseat to my shamelessness at mining any and all events for a blog post.

So here we are. Full disclosure.

In hindsight, I know that the circumstances surrounding the dog bite should never have converged as they did. I should have known better. If only hindsight and “should haves” meant something in the real world, where dogs tussle and humans intervene. So it happened, I handled it, and life goes on. I still love the dog whose canines ripped my flesh thoroughly enough to expose the tissue underneath, and I know that she didn’t intend to hurt me. I’m just glad our sweet little piggie didn’t get tangled up in that whirling dervish of a dog fight.

Of course the brawl happened late at night, and not during regular business hours. Of course it happened when Trevor was out of town, so that if I did feel the need to go to the ER, arrangements would have to be made for my favorite girl, who’s pretty awesome and very independent, but not at 10:30 at night. Of course I put on a brave face and reassured said favorite girl that everything was fine, despite the unceasing burbling of blood from my gashed thigh. Of course the stitches on the left and the paw-shaped scratches and bruises on the right required me to sit out of tennis and the gym for a few days.

And of course, I had to take antibiotics.

Oh, the dreaded antibiotics.

The idea of getting back into the abx routine was worse than the wounds themselves, worse than the 4 lidocaine shots into the gash, and worse than the stitches. I just finished the last of the Augmentin last night–hallelujah! After 267 straight days of oral antibiotics for my post-mastectomy infection, you’d think a simple 10-day course of Augmentin would be easy peasey, but for me, not so much. Maybe it’s PTSD. Maybe it’s that my body has a heightened awareness of abx after the near-constant dosing last year. Maybe I’m just a big baby. Whatever the reason, facing those drugs twice a day was tough, if only for 10 days. I hope it’s a long, long time before I need antibiotics again.

So the stitches were scheduled to come out today, but after a quick peek my doc said nope, that wound looks way better but it’s not ready to be sans stitches. Gotta leave them in until Friday, just for good measure. Because of how deep the gash was and because it’s on my leg, which moves all the time because I’m not one for sitting still, there’s still a chance it could open up again. Better safe than sorry, right?

I’m ok with the stitches staying in another 5 days. I’m tough, and in general I’m a fan of conservative measures when it comes to my body’s healing. But I struggled to maintain my composure when my doc warned me that the gash is going to leave a scar.

No, I didn’t cry at the idea of a stitched-up gash marring my leg. I laughed — out loud — at the idea that a inch-long scar would freak me out or upset me. That little bitty scar is nothing compared to the miles of track already laid.




10 Comments on “In stitches”

  1. lLauren says:

    oooh…i am so glad you did not get cellulitis….AND you seem to handle it infinitely better than I did for sure…I am glad you are healing up and moving along…and thankfully, sounds like that dog was vaccinated 🙂

  2. David Benbow says:

    You’re such a bad-ass.

  3. Eddie says:

    That would be my slightly crazy, part basenji, pound puppy Sugar, and yes Lauren, she’s vaccinated. To all readers, I could not feel worse about adding to Nancy’s misfortune so feel free to take any and all shots at me. Just please don’t be mean to my dog, she can’t help herself.

  4. Christy says:

    Your Sugar is a doll baby, Ed. All of us who know and love her realize she was only being a dog! Imagine that. I get the same way around food sometimes 🙂

  5. Julie A says:

    You should have told the doctor, “Chicks love scars” and then winked…Not sure of the meaning but it makes me laugh imagining you doing it!

  6. Patti Ross says:

    Glad you are healing. And that you understand dogs will be dogs. Happy New Year! Things can only really get better, right?

  7. lLauren says:

    No Ed, I jest because in October I got bit by a neighbors dog, who they failed to vaccinate…. a month of rabies shots later…ick…no shots at you since you got da shots 🙂

  8. Renn says:

    Holy Toledo! Hopefully Friday doc will say A-OK. And so sorry you have to endure more antibiotics! Stay safe.

  9. All the “of courses” I can relate to. And I know exactly what you mean about the scar. I would have the same reaction. You hang in there. I love your feisty attitude.

  10. Sherlita says:

    Hi pink underbelly my name is sherlita and i too am a breast cancer survivor. i would like to know the name of your therapist that uses the Hivamat machine with lymphedema treatment there in Houston. please e-mail me with information on that therapist and a phone number.

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