Another ordinary posting

Today’s installment in Marie’s infectious challenge comes in the form of a routine appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to check my new, improved knee. Going to a doctor who has nothing to do with cancer or infection is something for which I’m grateful. Just a regular girl, going to a regular doctor. I like that. My chart is nice and slim at the orthopedist’s office, just a regular chart. Not full of page after page after page of complications and problems.

Unlike my chart at a certain plastic surgeon’s office. At one of my many appointments there, Amy & I snapped a photo of my chart as we marveled at its girth. Sitting on the edge of the desk, that bad boy looked huge. So huge we just had to take a picture. Then we just had to take another picture to compare and contrast. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, but this is ridiculous!

a very thick chart — there’s not much good news in there

an ordinary chart (L), next to my big mama (R)

8 Comments on “Another ordinary posting”

  1. billgncs says:

    that thin chart is eye candy!

  2. Ed says:

    I guess medical charts are one area where you don’t like lots! Congrats on being a regular patient. Savor the fact that nobody can tell by looking at you that you are anything but a workout warrior getting a knee tuned up.

  3. I can so identify with this, Nancy. I love the skinny chart, like skinny jeans. But my primary physician and oncologist charts look just like your thick one. Thanks for giving me a chuckle this bright morning. xox

  4. David Benbow says:

    I’m glad your chart is nice and thin. I assume you would have told us if there were any complications in your recovery. I hope it’s all going as planned.

  5. Barb Fernald says:

    I’m grateful to see your thin chart! Hope you have a thin simple recovery too!

  6. mmr says:

    Wow! THAT is a chart. Even mine isn’t quite that big! So happy to hear that the latest chart is a thin one. Hope it stays that way!

  7. Nancy,
    Gotta love skinny charts! And I’m impressed with how you’re keeping up with this challenge. I’m sort of in and sort of out. Wonder what this says about me…keep healing and keep that chart thin.

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