Wordless Wednesday, HAWMC

Day 3 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge:

“Wordless Wednesday. Post a picture that symbolizes your condition and your experiences.”

My first thought was of the many powerful images in David Jay’s The Scar Project. I’ve written about this amazing body of work here and here. The photographs are raw and real, just like cancer itself.

David Jay Photography

David Jay Photography



12 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday, HAWMC”

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Hadn’t heard of The Scar Project but will definitely check it out. It’s those jarring images, the things that are hard to look at that we probably need to see the most.

  2. David Benbow says:

    This never loses its impact. Never.

  3. Eddie says:

    Is that a port below her right collarbone? What does it say that I would think that?

  4. mmr says:

    I found another photographic site. I don’t think it’s as powerful as the Scar Project, but for those of us who have been through the drill it has quotes from many different women discussing the aftermath. I found it interesting because it lists the different types of reconstruction (or not) that they had done, and this is a good display of differing results. It’s called Beauty and the Breast: http://www.beautyandthebreastproject.com/index2.php

    • mmr says:

      ps– You have to click on the ‘portraits’ tab to see the quotes and more varied pictures. Warning: I guess you could say they are “racy”.

  5. Christy says:

    Very powerful!

  6. It’s amazing how impacting these scar project photos are. And kudos to the women and to David Jay for creating images that we relate to see immediately.

  7. Editor says:

    As i said somewhere else, there are too, too many of these reflections looking back at women every day, yet not enough of them are seen by the people who need to see them in October. Just takes my breath away.

  8. Renn says:

    Agree, very powerful. It’s a great project. Great selection for Wordless Wednesday.

  9. Wow! Powerful, and sad. It really speaks to the suffering that so many of us have endured.

  10. bethgainer says:

    Oh my gosh! This is incredibly powerful.

  11. Wow, that’s very powerful!! And that definitely looks like a port to me. xo

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