Worst idea ever

I saw this ad in the Sunday paper.


Please. No.

Just no.

Pinktober is sucky enough for those of us who are unwillingly on Team Pink. One month is bad enough.


9 Comments on “Worst idea ever”

  1. David Benbow says:

    Ranks right up there with “New Coke”.

  2. Eddie says:

    Dear pinkwashers:
    Just stop people, you’re not helping. Stop trying to make yourself feel better and listen to the people you are trying to help. Let them decide what they want from you.

  3. AnneMarie says:

    Seriously. SERIOUSLY…..

  4. mmr says:

    Love that phrase “unwillingly on team pink”. How true. And please spread this word– I do not suggest getting annual mammograms in Pinktober, especially if it happens to be your birth month. If you get bad news, you have to be doubly assaulted all month becuse every time you see and hear it you realize that they are talking about you. And it doesn’t make you feel supported, it just reminds you how unlucky you are. Later you realize that they just want to say the word “awareness”, without really opening their eyes to the ugly reality of it. My MX friend talked me into going to an In the Pink luncheon last week (I went bc it was her birthday; she didn’t take my no mammogram in Oct. advice and she truly regrets that now). There were a lot of things to buy or items to bid on, and Henry Winkler and Marlee Matlin gave great speeches. But then they asked those without cancer to stand up, and all the women who choose plastic surgery voluntarily, and like to wear pink evening clothes to lunch, and have the money to do this because they aren’t paying medical bills, got to stand up and applaud themselves for “supporting” those who have had their lives upended by it. Oh, and of course a hospital was the main sponsor. And as one of their employees once said to my husband regarding BC: “Business is good”.

  5. Jan Hasak says:

    That’s so true, Nancy. One month is far too long. We do not protesteth too much. xo

  6. Drink2that says:

    In your honour I will not wear pink for the rest of the month (and I like pink). I will quietly and respectfully support the cause while not wearing pink or driving around with a stupid boob-shaped bumper sticker that reads “Toot for my Ta Ta’s”. Take care of yourself – we’re halfway to November.

  7. Efrat R. says:

    Where do we sign the petition…?!

    Definitely 1 of the top worst ever!!!
    Although you have to admit this one is sort of a competitor: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2013/09/boehner-advises-americans-to-delay-getting-cancer-for-a-year.html

  8. nancyspoint says:

    Of course some want it to last all year long – more time for profit making.

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