Yesterday was my first full day home after my hysterectomy, or The Great Clean-Out, as I like to refer to it. At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ll say I feel pretty good. Real good, considering what went down Monday morning.

In typical fashion, I watched a YouTube video of my surgery after the Clean-Out was complete. It’s fascinating and gross all at the same time. The way the tiny instruments saw away the ligaments connecting the reproductive organs to the body . . . super cool. vision-cart-da-vinci-siIt reminded me of “the claw” game at an arcade, but instead of procuring the goodies, “the claw” discards the junk I don’t want anymore. This instrument, about the size of a drinking straw, can chop through body parts and allow them to be removed through a small hole in the belly. Genius. And way better for the patient than conventional, open surgery. Way better, especially, for girls who have lived through a nosocomial infection.

I’ve got four incisions on my belly: three were for the surgical instruments and one for the camera. I had just woken up yesterday when I snapped this selfie, so the lines traversing my belly are from sleep. unnamed

I felt well enough yesterday to take my dog for a short walk, which we both enjoyed, and I expect we will take another lap today. I sat outside for a while and communed with nature. It was hot, but the sun felt good and the chirping birds and buzzing insects reminded me that life goes on.

My goal yesterday was to avoid taking any narcotics. Check. My goal today is to bathe.

We’re entering into the danger zone of my recovery, in which I feel better and am bored. That’s when I start getting crazy ideas, like “Oh, I’ll just wipe down the kitchen counters.” No. Just no. Step away from the sponge. I’m a terrible patient and am terribly impatient. Yes, I know: there are books to be read, movies to be watched, TV shows to be caught up on, but the days are long and my butt gets numb from so much sitting. So much doing nothing. I really stink at doing nothing.

Perhaps it’s time for some champagne.


12 Comments on “Recovering”

  1. David Benbow says:

    Champagne indeed. You’ve earned it. Cheers!

  2. Eddie says:

    I’ll swing by the drug store for a champagne IV! Stay away from the cleaning supplies and the kitchen. If you get antsy just be like Pedey!!!

  3. Christy says:

    You know I can totally relate. I’m coming soon. Get that bubbly ready!!!

  4. the writer says:

    Ahh yes I recognize those incision! Did anyone tell you about using one of those belly band things like they use on pregnant ladies post birth? A friend did and it was not only nice support post surgery, it helps keep your shape because after the great spay everything gets rearranged. Having gone through this In March, rest and take your time and stay ahead of the pain is my best advice- it is real easy to stretch and hurt, especially the incision in your belly button. I have to tell you this is the surgery that annoyed me because for me it was a strength eater. But now I am starting to feel much better….glad you are well and kicking 🙂

  5. Barb Fernald says:

    Congrats on getting though your surgery so well. I had the same thing done the “old fashioned way” about 10 years ago. Felt really great afterward, so I had to take care to let myself heal slowly and not overdo it. Great excuse to read for a whole days at a time. No more periods! Woot!

  6. I’m so glad you are feeling well, and hope each day is better than before. Keep away from the kitchen counters! ~Catherine

  7. I hope you regain strength quickly!

  8. Oh sweetie, it’s definitely time for some champers! I’ve been away and missed this update on your health. So sorry to hear you’ve been going through the wars again. Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

  9. so glad you are feeling so well! and good you are able to move about and enjoy communing with nature. but communing with counter-tops – or any other such temptations – well, just keep sipping that divine champagne and you will be (feeling) just fine. I wish you a smooth and uneventful recovery. Karen xoxo

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