Post-surgery pathology

It’s clear.

All clear.

Whew. unnamed-1

At my one-week post-op visit today, I got a copy of the report and learned a whole bunch of new words: adnexa, fimbriated, myometrial, serosa. Those will come in handy next time I play Scrabble.

My endometrium was described as “tan and lush;” my uterus “tan-pink, smooth, and unremarkable.” I guess when it comes to compliments, the radiologist giveth, and the radiologist taketh away.

That’s ok. Whether tan and lush or unremarkable, those trouble-causing parts & pieces are gone. Good riddance. Cheers to good news and to those three little words: No malignancy identified.




9 Comments on “Post-surgery pathology”

  1. Wendy Langley says:

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. Janet Barnes says:

    1st, YaY*。ღ♥ Ready to have your mind blown? Fimbriae are finger-like projections that drape over the ovary from the funnel-shaped ends of the uterine tubes. The uterine tubes are not actually attached to the ovaries. The egg “oocyte” does not pop out of the ovary through a fixed escape hatch when you ovulate. It pops through the surface of the ovary, like a zit, and the fimbriae, which have cilia (hairlike projections) which create currents in the peritoneal fluid and sweep the surface of the ovary to capture the oocyte and send it through the uterine tube on its way to the uterus. Imagine one of those roomba vacuums performing capcha the egg duty every time you ovulate! Mind blown yet? Sure blew mine. Well, that’s my BIO 142 fun fact for your enjoyment.

    The human body is an amazingly complex symphony. If I’d taken Anatomy/Physiology 20 yrs ago, I would definitely go to med school =’o

  3. So good!! Congratulations!

  4. esvercl says:

    Cheers! Excellent news!

  5. caroline says:

    Best words ever!

  6. David Benbow says:

    Cheers to you!

  7. Jody Hicks says:

    That’s a big Hallelujah!!!!

  8. Katie says:

    Yay! Although the talk about your endometrium is a little too sexy for me. 🙂

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