Surgery update

All – thanks for checking on Nancy. She was just wheeled off into the OR, I expect to have an update every few hours. She will be in surgery until late this afternoon and will stay the night in ICU. I’m not sure if she can have visitors other than me today.

She was in very good spirits, when they put the compression hose on her she asked for fishnet if they had it. OK actually that was me, but she is relaxed and ready to get this done. Dr. Spiegel told her the pain level from this won’t be too bad but she did pledge to load her up with the morphine (Nancy’s fave) the first two days.  Nancy is in very good hands.

2 Comments on “Surgery update”

  1. Tamara Kay says:

    Thank you so much for the update. I was hoping someone would update us since many people are thinking of Nancy all day today. Love the fishnet comment! Yes, please make sure Nancy gets the good drugs! Would you please let us know, via FB or here, or both, when surgery is over?

  2. Appreciate the update Trevor. We here in Northern California are pulling for her ALL THE WAY.

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