I arrived back at the ICU this morning with Amy Hoover who will be staying the night with Nancy tonight. Let me pause to thank Amy and Christy Burrmann for lunch yesterday and to Staci Martinez for sitting with me all day. That’s a lot to put up with.

Nancy is very alert today and in a very good mood. Her pain is under control and she is eating well. The nurses here have been terrific, Cindy and Carol have both been very attentive and helpful – they don’t mind applying chapstick. And David the PCA even fetched coffee for me and Amy. Overall this is the best care she has had during her hospital stays and it’s generally been pretty good.

They checked on her every hour last night so she didn’t get too much sleep though. They have ordered a room for her but they won’t let her out of ICU until she sits up in a chair for an hour. They just wheeled it in, this is gonna hurt.

3 Comments on “Recovery”

  1. Christy says:

    So glad she’s doing so well. We might actually have fun on our sleepover on Sat ­čÖé And, you are so welcome for lunch. It was the least I could do! See you soon!!! Hugs all the way around!

  2. Trevor – please accept my thanks for all your posts during this trying time. You’ve set the bar for me my friend as Bonnie and I are scheduled for middle March. I have a lot to live up to. Give Nancy and your children our best. We’re extremely happy for ALL of you.

  3. […] the recovery room, I was shipped straight to ICU for an unpleasant stay ┬áthat seemed endless. In┬áRecovery┬áTrevor wrote, “We made it through the first night in ICU. The nurses checked on her every […]

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