Last night was a Good, Good Night….and it was the LAST night…in the hospital

Amy here.

Nancy is a changed woman!  As I type this she is walking around the room brushing her teeth.  Wow!  What a difference a good night’s rest and a little bit of activity can do!  We settled in for the night around 10 PM and she had the Norco to keep a handle on any pain. She had her “flap checks” every two hours and didn’t even need the Ambien, Ativan or the Flexeril!  I think she had peace of mind just knowing they were there at the ready.

Around 6 AM, Nancy was ready to get moving, and get moving she did!  She is able to get out of bed with little assistance (and that’s because the staff insists on that little bit!). She’s taken a long walk in the hospital corridors, had her breakfast and is preferring the chair over the bed.  I would say she is in a chipper mood.

Dr. Spiegel showed up around 7:15 to talk to Nancy about discharge.  Nancy had one main thing to keep her here and one main thing that made her want to go home.  She definitely wanted to go home because that signaled the end of the compression hose wearing!  On the other hand, she knows that she’s a busy body and it is much easier at the hospital to maintain a low profile, resting as needed and staying inactive.  Dr. Spiegel asked what she was planning to do at home and we talked all that through.  So now Nancy wants you to know, “I’m throwing these dumb hose in the trash!”  Yep, homeward bound!  There was even talk about these crazy contraptions that Dr. Spiegel says you wear around your chest called a “bra.”  Nancy didn’t know what in the world she was talking about!

She has one more dose of IV Vancomycin (1.5 hour infusion) so that is what is keeping her from packing out just yet.  She is extremely grateful for the great care that she has received at Methodist Med Center.  We both agree that this is the quietest hospital room that she’s had so far–and she was even right across from the nurses’ station!

Speaking of home.  Trevor and Nancy would like to respectfully request that today and tomorrow morning be a “hospital day” at home.  One of her main concerns about not going home just yet was that she would be tempted to generally NOT get the rest that she would at the hospital, even with those blasted “flap checks” every two hours!  That said, if you are thinking about stopping by for a visit, Nancy would like to post “visiting hours” for tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 3/6 from 2PM to 4PM.  Please feel free to stop by during those times, and even if she tries to get you to stay past 4PM, please don’t listen to her!  We all know she’s a social gal and would love to “take some tea on the veranda” for much longer than is good for her recovery process.

Her plan after discharge is to take it easy, rest often, and walk hunched over at least for 2 weeks.  She will followup with Jennifer in Dr. Spiegel’s office next week and Dr. Spiegel feels that she will unload the majority, if not all, of her drains and wires.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Nancy.  Thanks to Nancy for allowing me to be her guest blogger and for the added privilege of being able to assist her at the hospital. It has been my great pleasure.

Her nurse is here with the Vancomycin now….

4 Comments on “Last night was a Good, Good Night….and it was the LAST night…in the hospital”

  1. Ed says:

    IV’s for everyone!! Great news and good plan on the visiting hours. Amy might have to post sentries at the doors to keep people away.

  2. Christy says:

    Well, there go my big Saturday night plans!!

    So glad you’re coming home! Great news!!!

  3. Melissa Bohnsack says:

    Sounds like a fabulous plan. Congrats on springing that joint, but TAKE IT EASY! If you need some lazy lessons I can help with that…free of charge…I’m an expert in that field! 🙂

  4. Susan Christopherson says:

    So happy to hear the great news that you are going home, and especially that you are feeling better! Thinking of you and wishing a restful and quick recovery at home.

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