4 girls, a lotta booze,and a fashion show

Recently this fabulous foursome attended a super fun, chichi event called Project Glam at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Looks like trouble waiting to happen, right?



It was a night full of fashion, cocktails, accessories, cocktails, eyelash extensions, cocktails, and professional models. Fun!

Being a recent fashion show model myself, it was so fun to watch the pros do their thing. The runway was in the Hall of Paleontology of the museum, and the catwalk was built to encircle the dino bones. Cool.

For some reason, I ended up with several pictures of the male models in their swimwear. Strange.

Love those Sperrys.

Navy & white is always a summer classic, fellas.

The “lady” in black on the left was actually a drag queen. In a skin-tight black unitard and spiked-heel knee-length boots, she/he put on quite a show.

The models did a stellar job of looking bored out of their minds. I love it! 

The female models’ hair was teased up sky-high, as Big Texas Hair should be.

The male models’ hair was more representative of the remaining states in our fine Union.

Hair, hair, everywhere. Tangerine and turquoise along with platform wedges ruled the stage, just as it did in the Couture for the Cure.

I’m thinking the cardigan sweater won’t be the latest fashion trend in hot-hot-hot Houston, but it worked on this guy for the night.

A sequined romper is always a good choice for fun in the sun. Especially with red heels. 

A good look for clubbin’ in the big city.

The white dinner jacket is an eternal classic. One version had a chocolate brown stripe around the lapels — so fine!

More tangerine and more big hair. 

Her expression says it all: I’m too bored to even look bored.

The sharp-dressed man was slightly less bored.

My favorite dress of the show. I’m a sucker for hot pink.

I know the pics are kinda blurry. The bored models moved fast, and there was a lot of Captain Morgan’s dark rum involved. That’s the world of high fashion for ya.

13 Comments on “4 girls, a lotta booze,and a fashion show”

  1. David Benbow says:

    Tres chic!

  2. Sounds like a BLAST! Put 4 girls and a lotta booze together and any old thing can be fun.
    Cancer Warrior

  3. jamie pilloff says:

    Looks like fun!

  4. How fun, Nancy! I have the best time with my girlfriends, no matter what we do. I enjoyed the colors so much. xx

  5. mmr says:

    I am totally in awe of the bored woman in tangerine– how can she look so bored while wearing those turquoise heels? I’d have a big old frown on my face, concentrating on not falling off of them. She must not have had any rum. 😉

  6. Woman, you know how to party!

  7. Jody Hicks says:

    Gee – I can’t imagine why Trevor wouldn’t want to go with you!!! 🙂 Really, it looks like great fun, and I’m glad you have such good girlfriends to enjoy being crazy together!

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