Piggie portraits!


16 Comments on “Piggie portraits!”

  1. Eddie says:

    The end indeed!! That’s one plump rump. It’s hard to decide who’s cuter, Piper or Macy. I’m beginning to think a new blog is in order. Something along the lines of “A Girl and Her Pig” or “The Pig Speaks”.

  2. David Benbow says:

    Beautiful girls!!! Macy, Piper, and Nancy. Oh, and two handsome, young fellas as well–Payton and Pedey. Our piggie, Milo, really wants to meet that little black-and-white beauty.

  3. This post is an absolute joy!

  4. Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. PinkHeart says:

    Thanks for sharing and giving me one smile after another. Does Piper swim? Same answer as pigs fly? 🙂

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  7. Jan Baird says:

    Adorable pictures! I just love your visuals. They make me laugh, and I need lots of that right now in my life. Thanks for the therapy!! xx

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  9. Shannon says:

    Love the photos. Both girls are seriously growing up!

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