A tale of 4 cousins

I had every intention of waxing poetic about my dad for Father’s Day, but the words aren’t flowing in a way that will allow me to do justice to the topic. Instead, I’ll resort to letting pictures do the talking for me. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

My brother and his kids arrived from New Jersey on Saturday for a long-overdue visit. My dad is in hog heaven with all 4 of his grandchildren together. My parents waited a long time for grandkids, then got 4 in 5 years. My brother and I both had a boy followed by a girl, just as my parents had. While these 4 kids have never lived in the same state, they enjoy each other’s company as if they have grown up next-door to each other.

In the beginning, there was Payton (far left), Andrew & Megan.

Then came Macy, and the cousins were complete.

They don’t often sit down for a meal together, but when they do, they have a ball.

This visit has been full of fun. Nothing makes my dad happier than being surrounded by his grandkids. It’s a mutual adoration society.

Splashing in the pool, riding amusement park rides, and hanging out — good times.

This was the day of my mom’s funeral. Words fail me when I see this photo. The looks on each kid’s face speaks volumes.

We miss you, YaYa, but promise to have fun and to love each other nonetheless.

16 Comments on “A tale of 4 cousins”

  1. David Benbow says:

    I am struck by how much each of the cousins resemble their parents. Just be sure to have someone take a picture of you and your bro, ok?

  2. Amy H. says:

    I’m with David! Pic of you and your bro!! Glad everyone’s having fun!

  3. Jan Baird says:

    Wow, the pictures really do say a 1000 words. The image of the kids at their grandma’s funeral will stay with me for a long time. I’m so glad that your dad got to enjoy the day so much with his precious grandchildren. They are all so sweet looking. xx

    • Jan, that photo was hard for me to look at for a while after my mom died, but now it’s such a treasure. Each child’s personality is really reflected, and even though they were all so young, they were mourning their YaYa that day.

  4. I really enjoyed this post and the photographs. Thanks for the snap shots of family and love – basically a reminder we need to have as often as possible. 🙂

  5. Jody Hicks says:

    Sweet YaYa would want nothing less for her grandchildren.

  6. Christy says:

    Looks like a great visit. What a blessing!!

  7. mmr says:

    That photo of the kids at the funeral is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Glad that everyone looks so happy now, and that you have a dad who enjoys his family so much.

  8. Barb Fernald says:

    The photo from the funeral is both beautiful and heartbreaking. What an amazing shot. I love seeing the older generation in the mirror above the kids at the table. What a nice way to celebrate Father’s Day. You have a very special family!

    • Barb, that’s funny you mention the older generation in the mirror bc I almost cropped it out! I’m so glad now that I didn’t. None of the pics of the weekend were stellar, but I’m going with the theory that it’s bc we were all having too much fun to stop and pose properly.

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