Happy Father’s Day!

Greetings  from the lovely San Luis resort in Galveston, TX. I’m sipping a cold one poolside with my dad & brother and celebrating their special day. My bro & I haven’t spent a lot of time together since his move to The Garden State a few years ago, so this is good stuff. Our dad has been itching to have all 4 of his grands under one roof, and it’s finally a reality.

My dad is pretty awesome. From him I learned many things, not the least of which is the value of hard work, sticking to one’s guns, and marching to one’s own beat. I could wax poetic on this subject, but blogging via iPhone isn’t my forte, so I’ll leave you with my favorite of Dad’s many saying (It’s just what you do), with promises of more to come.

12 Comments on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Eddie says:

    Good stuff!!

  2. This makes me smile….. I miss my dad and he had so many great sayings, too. “It’s just what you do.” I love that!!

    • Annemarie, I’m thrilled that I gave you a smile and hopefully a sweet reminder of your own dad. I know he’d like nothing more than to see you smiling in his absence.

  3. Jan Baird says:

    Like AnneMarie, I miss my dad. He came up with some great sayings. Enjoy your time at the resort. Family time is precious. xx

  4. Christy says:

    Hope you’re having a great time. Got to spend the day with my sweet daddy too. We are blessed.

  5. David Benbow says:

    Enjoy yourselves. Happy Fathers’ Day.

  6. Happy father’s day! (one day late) That family time is absolutely precious.

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