10 years

There was a big debate one day on the beach among my relaxation-seeking, cocktail-sipping sun-worshiping clan. The debate had nothing to do with the upcoming presidential election, Lochte vs Phelps, or the reliance on fossil fuels. No, this debate had to do with how many years we’d been relaxing, drinking, and sunning on Salisbury Beach. I thought the answer was 9, figuring in typical journalism-major calculations that because Macy is 10 and her first trip to the beach was when she was a year and a half, the answer is 9.

Macy in the middle

Our lovely hostess, BA, used similar math yet had a loophole that somehow allowed for two summers in each year; Enron-style accounting, perhaps, or maybe just wishful thinking. The math geek in the crowd, aka The Hubs, used his very large, thrice-degreed brain to work out that the answer was indeed 10.

10 years.

A decade.

While my kiddos and our bestest bud Ed have frolicked on our favorite beach 10 summers, The Hubs and I missed one year, thanks to that dreadful post-mastectomy infection that grounded me and damn near sleighed me. I’m still collecting my do-over, in the form of bottomless cocktails and the record in our group for most hours spent parked in a beach chair facing the surf, soaking up more than my fair share of vitamin D. I win. 

The traditional symbol for a 10-year anniversary is a gift of aluminum or tin. Save the platinum and diamonds for milestones down the road; for a decade it’s aluminum or tin. Not the best subjects, I admit, although we unknowingly partook of the aluminum tradition with our cans of beer on the beach (lots of cans of beer), and I’m sure we could have rustled up a tin cup for sipping frozen margaritas or the off-the-cuff Malibu rum/orange-mango nectar/ginger ale concoction Jenn dubbed “Heaven in a Cup.” But alas, I was laboring under the assumption that we were only at our 9-year beach anniversary, which is unworthy of traditional or modern gifts. 

No matter. Once the great debate concluded and the vexing math problem was solved, the celebration began in earnest. Instead of breaking out the Bloody Marys upon the respectable 11 a.m. hour, we filled our glasses whenever we damn well pleased. After a cup of coffee, for sure, but then…let the games begin.

I’m not necessarily a sucker for tradition, but I do like to recognize milestones, especially when they involve adult beverages. A 10-year span of seaside fun certainly is worthy of recognition. So, without further ado, I present the afore-promised photoglut of beach photos.

our home away from home

the path to paradise

boogie-boarding at high tide

rocking out



endless horizon

the master sand sculptor at work

evil troll

Spider Man mask for little Eddie

“Shut yo mouth, fat man!”


seaside reading

the requisite giant hole

patterns in the sand

tidal pools

showering al fresco

Years ago I didn’t believe this foodstuff existed. Now I know better.

big smiles for Blink’s!

where the magic happens

chocolate w jimmies for Payton, coconut for Macy

beach bums!

paradise found


13 Comments on “10 years”

  1. Yvonne says:


  2. David Benbow says:

    Looks like a fantastic vacation. Beautiful photos. But, HEY! No sock monkey sand sculpture? I requested that one a year ago!

  3. Amy H. says:

    FUN! Beautiful! Too bad you’re (we’re) back to reality!

  4. Christy says:

    Breathtaking!!! Glad you had such an amazing time!!

  5. Love those photos! They remind me of our annual vacations to a spot in the Adirondacks on Fourth Lake. As I go through our old photo albums, scanning into my computer precious photos to save space in my small apartment, my mind takes me back to those carefree, paradise-like days. I like this kind of anniversary. Let it be ten years. In this circumstance (and a few others) Enron math is ok. 🙂

  6. billgncs says:

    great photo’s — cool beach art. It looks like this is the place for your hearts to recharge.

  7. Ed says:

    You sleigh me! Ten years of beachside bevies and many more to come!

  8. Jody Hicks says:

    Beautiful photos of a lovely beach with a great name! 🙂 You did come to Ocean Isle with us a couple of times, in 2002 when Payton was 3 and Macy was 6 months, and again the next summer – that must have been when Trevor was at Duke. That was when we were going at the end of June, so maybe you still made it to Salisbury Beach those years too. We’ve missed having y’all with us, especially this year with almost everybody there for a celebration of Pappaw’s impending 96th birthday. However, we don’t have a Blink’s (that looks fabulous!) or quite as much relaxation as you get there, and no Red Sox games. But we do have made-from-scratch margaritas, Bloody Marys, Crown, etc., available every morning and night and in-between, delicious dinners prepared by our in-family gourmet cooks, as well as some great golf – well, great golf courses anyway. Maybe next year you can join both beach families – come party with us the first week and then recover at Salisbury Beach the next week!

  9. elizabeth connolly says:

    okay,if the first summer you came to Salisbury was 2002. Then as of summer 2012 you would be enjoying your 11th summer this summer of 2012. Count them. summer 2002,summer 2003 summer 2004,summer 2005,summer 2006,summer 2007, summer 2008, summer 2009, summer 2010, summer 2011 and you just completed summer visit 2012. Yes, it’s been 10 years but you just enjoyed your 11th summer vacation at Salisbury.I really miss you guys, I am cranky and depressed. It’s no fun getting up every morning without you all. All can hope is that it soon will be your 11th year and your 12th summer vacation.

  10. […] of blog posts that I’ve read this last week have catapulted me back to Devon, first their was Nancy’s post reflecting on just how many summers her family had enjoyed their favourite beach, ten just like the Uphilldowndale families love of a certain Devon […]

  11. Priceless photos. Priceless memories. Don’t you just love ocean gazing and the ensuing reflecting on one’s life which almost always accompanies it? Thanks for sharing.

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