Gratitude, day 2 & 3

After just one day of Marie’s gratitude challenge, I’m already falling down on the job. I’m blaming it on my recovery from knee surgery a few days ago. Although I managed to work in my first posting despite the surgery, so perhaps I need a better excuse.

Since I inadvertently missed my gratitude posting yesterday, I shall post 2 today.

First, my sweet little dog Pedey. He’s the first dog I’ve had who is not a retriever, and he’s as lazy as labs are energetic. There’s nothing this guy likes more than sleeping, and he somehow manages to find the most comfortable spot in the house, which has garnered him the nickname “The King of Comfort.” His favorite of all the comfy spots is curled up next to me, and he has spent the last few days glued to my side as I recovered post-surgery. I’m grateful to have such a faithful companion.

And second, I’m grateful for this dish. 

It’s pretty ordinary; Pyrex clear glass, the likes of which I’d hazard to guess resides in nearly every home in America. Nothing fancy or pretty about this dish, but I’m grateful for it because it was delivered to my house Friday by my sweet friend Christy, full of hot, spicy, bubbly chile rellenos. It’s Hatch Green Chile season, and ay carumba those rellenos were good. I’d cooked up a storm in preparation for my surgery so that my people wouldn’t be subjected to takeout this and delivery that; we were well-fed. However, nothing is better than a yummy, home-cooked meal delivered in one’s hour of need. I wish I’d taken a picture of the dish full of the chile rellenos, but we were much too busy scarfing them down to think anything other than Homer-Simpson-esque thoughts of “Can’t talk/take pictures…eating.”

One of my all-time favorite sayings is that “Cooking is love, made visible.” Christy’s dish proves it, and I’m grateful.

8 Comments on “Gratitude, day 2 & 3”

  1. Christy says:

    Only for you, my friend 🙂

  2. Faithful, adorable dogs, Hatch chilies, lobster and great things to sip on: You are my kind of girl. We should meet. I will bring all of the above.

  3. David Benbow says:

    Mmmm…those rellenos sound great. I’m sure they outshine the ones I make. I wish I lived close enough to drop by with a loaf of fresh-baked bread or a tray of enchiladas, but alas, 1200 miles is a long, long way. I’m sorry you’re still laid up, but I’m glad you’re staying still like you’re supposed to.

    I’m very grateful to have electronic media to stay in touch with old dear friends over long distances.

    Peace, my old dear friend.

  4. Nancy, I’m so impressed that you are keeping up with the challenge such a short time after surgery.

    I could take a lesson not only from you, but from your sweet dog Pedey. No one would label me the Queen of Comfort, but maybe I ought to take a second look at attaining that moniker.

    And I love the cooking quote. Aren’t those friends precious who bring us hot meals when we can’t make them ourselves? Chile rellenos are one of my favorite dishes. You’ve met Marie’s challenge with gusto. xxoo

  5. Marie says:

    Jan really says it well! You have taken up the challenge with wonderful gusto and I really love these pics and the stories of “ordinary” love behind them. Continued good healing to you after surgery xxx

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  7. Nancy,
    Well, you know me and dogs, so I do love the photo of Pedey, who obviously has this “dog’s life” thing figured out well! And the Pyrex dish that was delivered with a nice hot meal, well, who wouldn’t love that? Keep healing. Post when you can. I only committed to once, so you’re already making me look bad!

  8. I hope you are recovering well from surgery. There is nothing like a pet to help us heal physically and emotionally. Your dog is lovely!

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