Doggone it

One of my blog friends shattered my heart last night. She didn’t mean to, I’m sure. I read her post about her sweet dog Jazzy and crumbled. I went to bed thinking about Jazzy and woke up thinking about her. I’ve never met Jazzy or her owner, but  my heart hurts for them.

Reading her post took me back to Maddy, aka The Best Dog Ever in the History of the World. I have never blogged about Maddy. I’ve blogged about Harry and about Pedey, but not Maddy. It’s not because I don’t love her as much as I love Harry and Pedey; in fact it’s just the opposite.

Maddy was my first dog as an adult, and I saw her being born. She was the pick of the litter, and she lived up to that honor every day of her life.

One day I will write about her and share all of the unique Maddy-ness that made her The Best Dog Ever in the History of the World. But not today.

Today belongs to Jazzy.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.



12 Comments on “Doggone it”

  1. Well, I guess your heart is even bigger than I suspected… Sorry to hear about Jazzy. RIP. I’ll be waiting to read about Maddy whenever you’re ready to write about her. We do love our furry pals don’t we?

  2. Eddie says:

    I too wept after reading about Jazzy. It made me dread the day I have to say goodbye to my crazy hounds. It did not, however, make me wish I didn’t have my dogs. Instead it reminded me to enjoy them more and not ignore them when I’m busy with life. Thanks for letting Maddy give my hound dog a few pointers on how to deal with humans!

  3. mmr says:

    How lucky we are if we have at some point in our life had The Best Pet Ever (dog, cat, piggy, maybe even snakes though being a Texas girl they are usually my personal sworn enemy). I have been lucky enough to have two of the Best Cats Ever so far. Now I have the Prettiest, Meanest Cat Ever. But she just makes me appreciate those other two even more– maybe, like cancer or the deaths of loved ones, she has some celestial purpose that I just don’t fathom yet.

    • Marcie, you’re so right–our pets do have a purpose. Hopefully we realize that while they’re still with us! I’d love to see your cat face off w Piper in a battle of the Prettiest & Meanest!

  4. The Accidental Amazon says:

    Oh, Nancy, I’m so sad to hear about Jazzy. My trio of furkids — two kitties and a dog — who had been with me for years by the time I was diagnosed, all three of them have died in the 4-1/2 years since. I was devastated to lose each one. I have written about two of them. I don’t remember now if I’ve written about the third, but I should if I haven’t. I hope you write about Maddy, too. So many of us have experienced the special comfort only our furkids can give us, especially during the rough stuff. Hugs to you.

  5. Heartbreaking – the situation sounds just like what happened to my dog. But despite the end being so hard, I wouldn’t trade that pain for a single day less of her company. I’m sure it’s the same with Jazzy. Pets are such wonderful lights in our lives. (Love that picture of her mud covered feet!)

    Whenever you’re ready, I look forward to reading about your Maddy.


  6. Drink2that says:

    I am finally back to living today and just read your post. Thank you. Thank you for making Jazzy more than just my own personal thoughts in the blogosphere.

    She came to us as a throw-away (as did all the animals in our house)…a seven year-old dog that someone tossed aside and left at the shelter. Why…I’ll never know and will never understand. I fell in love at first sight and I’d like to think that she did too. She was just sitting in this bleak and cold kennel, looking utterly dejected and depressed and just so sad..wanting someone to love her. Half an hour later, she was in our car and later that night sleeping in front of the same fire that she died next to six years later. Her bed is still sitting there and might be for a while.

    I love her and I miss her and while I can never replace her, this house and this heart needs a dog…and if we lived outside of the city, I’m sure we’d have a pig too!

    I will be here when you decide to write about Maddy and will shed tears again when it brings back memories of Jazzy. Tonight I will raise a glass to both of them.

  7. christy says:

    The death of a pet is so hard. The heart break is unbearable but thankfully, the memories help us through the pain. RIP sweet Jazzy.

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