Someone’s to-do list

My little dog has undergone a big change since we moved into our temporary house. Gone is the lazy, timid dog; he’s been replaced by a brave explorer who wants to charge out the front door and sniff around the entire neighborhood.

I’m shocked by his behavior.

He stands at the front door and scratches multiple times a day. It’s so strange. (One thing hasn’t changed, however — his lack of brains. He hasn’t yet figured out that the front door on the new house swings open on the opposite side as the door on the previous house. Granted, the previous house is the only home he’d ever known before this house, but still….He scratches at the hinged side of the door in the temporary house to alert any- and everyone to the fact that he wants to go exploring.)

I’m not used to this energetic, brave, and curious creature. I’d rather gotten used to my lazy dog.

Regardless of the sudden and inexplicable personality change, he’s nice to take for a walk. He doesn’t tug on the leash, nor does he make that unpleasant “I’m choking myself but I can’t stop” sound. He strolls leisurely but purposefully, sniffing every inch of ground and interrogating each blade of grass. He doesn’t pay any heed to people passing by, and he didn’t even notice the Vietnamese kids smoking pot in the garage two doors down.

On our walk today I noticed a piece of paper on the sidewalk, soggy from last night’s rain yet still intact and legible. It’s someone’s to-do list. I picked it up, both because I don’t like leaving trash lying about and because I’m nosy. I’m a habitual list-maker myself, so I was curious to see what action items are on someone else’s list.

Big ListThis is an important list. I really wish I knew to whom it belonged, so I could return it. Judging by the seriousness of the items on the list, I think its owner may need it.

8 Comments on “Someone’s to-do list”

  1. David Benbow says:

    You know, I just realized I don’t have a problem in the world. Thanks.

  2. I am hoping that this person finished this list and is on their way to better things and that’s why they tossed it (?)

  3. Catherine says:

    Fascinating note, I also hope this note was discarded after being finished, though personally, I cross items off after completing something. Here’s hoping another list has been made to replace the old! Thanks for sharing this random gem from you day! ~Catherine

  4. Patti Ross says:

    Would that we could all face new situations with renewed curiosity and courage. I like your dog–well, you too of course! ; )

  5. mmr says:

    My guess would be the note was dicarded out of anger, frustration or depression. It looks like a therapist or caseworker gave it to a child or childlike person (have your mom call and make an apptmt with me). Probably because I’m reading Breaking Night by Liz Murray. But I like Savvy Sister’s interpretation instead (and homeless Liz, daughter of addicts, went to Harvard!) And I like David’s view too– thanks for the reminder to count so many blessings. I am going to wish good thoughts for the owner of the list. Ah, if only life could always be as beautiful as it has the potential to be.

  6. Flo says:

    I laughed at your “I’m choking myself but can’t stop”….my dog Patches used to do that all the time. The “to do list” was certainly food for thought. Made me feel grateful for my list! Thanks for sharing.

  7. […] The Pink Underbelly is settling into her new home and this week she has found an intriguing to-do list. […]

  8. KeithC says:

    It looks like every parent’s worst nightmare : a heavy drinking, unemployed, college dropout living at home and seeing a therapist. I’ll cross my fingers, but I’m betting the list was discarded intentionally.

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