new house, vol 2

New house update — finally!

I’ve been remiss in posting pictures but am remedying that now. Things look a lot different than they did in this post.

Without further ado…the staircase. We’ve been very eager to see the wrought iron. Love it!unnamed

The curvy balcony is my favorite part of the house. unnamed

The downstairs tile is looking good!unnamed

Aerial shot of the tile all covered up neatly. My favorite girl got nervous when I pulled up some of the paper to take a picture of the tile. I keep reminding her that this is our house and we’re allowed to do such things. She’s still nervous.unnamed

Kitchen cabinets are hung and the backsplash is in. Oh, and the countertops, too. unnamed

Close-up shot of the cabinets. Love that cocoa glaze.unnamed

Here’s where the stove and microwave will go. unnamed

The island before the countertops went in. unnamed

Love that rope detail on the cabinets.unnamed

Countertops in the master bath. unnamed

Bricking the entry.unnamed

Bricking the sides.unnamed

The frame for the driveway and walkway. unnamed

Very exciting!

9 Comments on “new house, vol 2”

  1. Jody Hicks says:


  2. jbaird says:

    This is so exciting, Nancy! What a beautiful place. Way to go!! XOX

  3. Barb Fernald says:

    Holy Cow! Things are really moving along! What a beautiful house you will have. When do you hope to move in?

  4. Christy says:

    Looking good. Can’t wait to have drinks on the patio!!!

  5. Oh my how, gorgeous is that!
    I’m here in the UK, trying to decorate our wibley wonky ancient house. I wouldn’t swop it for the world,but I’m just a tad envious of that lovely new plaster and plumb walls! I must say it looks a very tidy building site,is that the norm in your part of the world?

  6. Very nice! Love watching it come together.

  7. […] but more haste can mean less speed: this is an old house, no wall is true no, plaster smooth, (I did succumb to a little plaster envy the other day) exposed  oak beams may brim with ancient character but they  are a fiddle to decorate […]

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