Winter wonderland

We don’t see this much in Houston —


Our birdbath was frozen.unnamed

Our plants were frozen.unnamed

The camellias were brave in the face of ice.


unnamedThe pansies were sunny despite the freezing temps.


The aloe vera has seen better days.unnamed

A few icicles clung to the pine tree.unnamed

Beads of ice dotted the other pine.unnamed

The lime tree is probably wishing it had a coat — not a coat of ice.unnamed

The windshield was covered, too. unnamed

School is out, the kids are thrilled, and we’re awaiting the thaw.


3 Comments on “Winter wonderland”

  1. Eddie says:

    When will this cold ever end?! Oh yeah, tommorrow. It’ll be in the 60s. Texas!

  2. David Benbow says:

    What’s that stuff on the ground? I haven’t seen grass since early December. After yesterday’s morning temp of -16, today feels downright balmy in Minnesota at +30. Our high on Monday is supposed to be -11. Come up to Minnesota and I’ll show you ICE.

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