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I’ve been in need of a reason to sit down at my computer and bang out a blog post, but I’ve been lazy. Chalk it up to summertime and its glorious release from the grind of our daily schedule. Thankfully, the blog challenge put forth by Nancy’s Point and taken up by Marie motivated me to shake off that laziness and get to it.

Drumroll, please.

15 things. Random things about me. I know y’all have been itching to know more about the inner workings of my particular brand of crazy. Have at it.

1. I love animals and have been accused of loving critters more than people. To which I say, it depends on the person.

2. Meat in any form grosses me out, big time (correlation to fact #1?). I still cook chicken and turkey for my family but wear latex gloves to handle the raw stuff, and the process of picking out a package of meat at the grocery store usually makes me want to barf. Because we have a pet pig, pork is obviously a no-go in my house.

3. Being organized makes me happy; chaos makes me hyperventilate a little.

4. I have an addiction to lip balm. I have tubes of my favorite kind stashed everywhere: in the kitchen, in my car, on the patio….I leave the lids off so I can grab the tube, swipe it on, and keep moving.Every chance I get, I visit a different grocery or drug store to look for my favorite kind. When it seemed to be getting scarce, I ordered an embarrassing quantity online. When my favorite girl saw that stash she asked if I had robbed a Blistex salesman. Ha, ha, very funny.

5. I love books and am torn between relishing the heft of a real book and being seduced by the convenience of ebooks.

6. Patience is not one of my virtues. Being stuck in line drives me crazy, as does a pokey driver in the left lane or a string of people walking slowly.

7. Similarly, I struggle with diplomacy. I want to say the right thing, the kind thing, but the harsher, more direct version is what comes to mind first.

8. I would love to speak a second language. I took Spanish in high school, but my teacher was a childhood friend of my dad’s and I had yet to master the art of working hard despite the easy out. Or easy A, as the case may be.

9. Physical activity lights my fire. I love a grueling workout, a multi-hour tennis match, an afternoon digging in my yard.

10. I get a huge dose of satisfaction from being productive and am not so good at sitting still.

11. I’m a foodie and am usually thinking about lunch as I’m eating breakfast. I used to tease my sweet mama for doing that, and now I do it, too.

12. I didn’t like beer for more than 20 years, but being on long-term antibiotics after a nosocomial infection changed my taste buds. There are few things better than the first sip of an ice-cold beer.

13. While on the topic of booze, I should confess my undying love for champagne. It makes every occasion a special one.

14. I’m a germophobe. People coughing or sneezing in public makes me cringe, as does the idea of sharing a cup with someone else. People who share a toothbrush are like aliens to me. I cannot wrap my head around that concept. Eww.

15. I love lists and always have a to-do list going. Perhaps that’s why the idea of a post listing 15 things appealed to me.

12 Comments on “15 things”

  1. Eddie says:

    Do you feel the urge to go back and revise or edit the list? order them by some arbitrary metric? Most to least expected? By significance? And how do you determine significance? Why 15? Should you replace items 3, 7 and 11 with numbers 16-18 that didn’t make the list? And do you swap them directly or move the others up and add 16-18 at the bottom? Are these really random? How random are they? Should #1 be the least or most random? Now you know why I never do these kind of lists and rarely complete anything! Not that that was in any way a random fact about me!

  2. Yvette says:

    Champagne makes everything better.

  3. Trevor Hicks says:

    16. You’re an awesome wife and mother

  4. jbaird says:

    Nancy, thanks for sharing these intimate details with us. I think this exercise really brings us closer together, a very good thing. xx

  5. billgncs says:

    Bubbles make many things better

  6. Yay! So good to see you blogging again. This was a great way to get the creative juices flowing for all of us who took part. I just knew champagne would be in there, but it’s fun to learn more things about you. I share your impatience at waiting in line and for me city traffic jams.

  7. […] been loving the 15 random facts challenge taken up by Beth, Rebecca, Laura, Jackie, Elissa, the Pink Underbelly, and Nancy. I joined in too.  I love learning new things about some of my favorite people online. […]

  8. nancyspoint says:

    Hi Nancy,
    So glad you decided to take part in this just-for-fun summer blog challenge. I’m with you all the way on #1. I was surprised you are a non-meat eater. I mean you are from TX. Sorry, that is totally an unfair stereo-type. I am envious of types like you – the organized type. I am so not, and try as I might, I just cannot seem to get my stuff or much of anything organized. And I think I’ve become way worse since cancer/chemo… Oh well. I also think about food a lot. Like you, I think about lunch while eating breakfast and dinner while eating lunch. I’m not much of a drinker, other than an occasional glass of wine, because I can’t stand to waste my food calories. It was really fun to read and learn more about you. Keep blogging. When you can and feel like it of course. xx

  9. mmr says:

    Looking at #3 and #6 and LOL at what cancer does to those ideals(think all those emergency doc visits or waiting, either one, and then the “quick and straightforward” reconstruction journeys). 😉 #12 is interesting– all my life coffee made me sick but I drank tea– mostly green for it’s health benefits HAHAHA. And then cancer came along and I became an instant coffee drinker and tea made me sick for a couple of years. The onco said that she heard that fairly frequently. Now I’m an equal opportunity drinker. Coffee, tea, wine…. I think that means I’m cured. 🙂

    • mmr says:

      Let me clarify: I instantly became a coffee drinker. Not a Nescafe type instant coffee drinker. See, you are so much better at this wordsmithing. Anyway, now that I’ve learned to make coffee– whoa, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, even after enforced mentalpause– I’ve gotten into grinding the beans and all. There, cancer forced me to learn something new. Aside from waaay too much about biology and medicine.

  10. Real book. Hands down. 🙂 AND, I’m right there with you on #14. Man, this is the 3rd one of these lists I’ve read in 10 minutes in my blog roll…I just can’t make my brain work to think of 15 for me!

  11. bethgainer says:

    Loved reading this post. I think it’s awesome that you have a pet pig. So cool. I’m also somewhat of a germophobe. Great list, and it’s so nice to get to know you.

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