A little levity

This blog has been mighty serious lately. With topics like this and this and this, there’s been little room for the funnier things in life.

Time for that to change.

At least for today.

No doubt I’ll be up on my high horse again, ranting away about the evils of cancer or the lunacy of Rick Santorum or the despicable-ness of Rush Limbaugh.

But not today.

Today is about smiling so hard my face hurts. About being in the company of girlfriends so funny and true. About belly laughs. About soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze.

To assist me in my pursuit of all things jovial, I present the latest list from my favorite girl: Five Things The Internet Loves. I’ve no idea why she wrote the list, or what spurred this bout of out-of-the-box creativity, but like the best things in life, it doesn’t matter.


by my favorite girl

Her spelling is a bit off, but that doesn’t stop her from getting her message across:

1. People getting hurt/embarrassed

2. Animals doing ridiculous things

3. Old people rapping

4. Little kids cussing

5. Fat people dancing