Dear iPhone

Dear iPhone,

I’m sorry I treated you badly. I can change. I promise. 

I love you. 

I need you.

I miss you.

My heart is broken.

We’re so good together. 

My life is incomplete without you.

I’m committed to you. No other device will do.

I’ll be better. For you. Because I love you. Because you deserve better. 

I promise not to take you for granted. Ever again.

I never intended to leave you outside, all alone. I was distracted. There’s no excuse, I know. 

I didn’t know it was going rain so hard. The sky opened up, and before I realized where you were, you were soaked. Drowned. Sogged out. I tried CPR. I bought the best rice I could find and made you a dry, cozy bed. Too little too late, perhaps, but my heart is in the right place. Please come back.

I’m sorry.  

Please come back to me. 

Give me another chance. 

love always, N.