He’s done it again

Good Lord in Heaven, I think my dog Harry can read.

I think he read my post about his thieving ways (see “Thank goodness for tile” under recent posts; the link isn’t working so you’re gonna have to find it yourself). While I was busy carrying in my loot from Costco, he snatched a pound of sliced Swiss cheese and horked it down.

Damn that dog to hell.

It’s too cold to keep him outside, and I am a bit of a sucker for his big brown eyes imploring me through the window to let his sorry butt inside. But it’s that sorry butt I’m worried about after a pound of cheese passes through it.

If he makes another mess in the house, I’m shipping him off to the glue factory.

5 Comments on “He’s done it again”

  1. Ed says:

    The glue you’d get from Harry would smell bad, stick to the wrong things, and fall apart easily. Of course, my hounds would eat everything edible (snoopy) and chew up everything that isn’t (sugar). Just be glad you don’t have to send the dogs to college!

    • nancykhicks says:

      Ha! You know him so well. That would be some faulty glue! Snoopy is in the crate, snug as a bug, and Sugar is loving the new squeaky toy, which will be history by the end of the day.

  2. Bobby says:

    my gawd, that dog is an eating machine!

    • nancykhicks says:

      He is! And the crazy thing is he never gets sick, just leaves massive piles. He’s got a tennis ball in his mouth right now, probably wishing it was a supreme pizza!

  3. […] was a sweetie. Crazy, but sweet. I wrote about his habit of snatching food here and about the trials & tribulations of his nervous stomach here. I’m sure that many […]

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