Fun with t-shirts

I’ve been wearing this shirt to the gym (thanks, Jodie!) and always get comments on it. Positive comments that is. At first I was self-conscious about wearing it, then I said to hell with that, I’ve been through a lot so I’m going to wear it proudly. Kinda the flat-chested girl’s version of  “If ya got it, flaunt it.” I’ve no longer got “it” or “them,” as the case may be, but I can certainly flaunt my survivor self.

It’s a good thing the shirt explains everything, though, because when I first started back at the gym after a long absence (thank you, mycobacterium, you SOB), one of the other regulars there asked our trainer what was wrong with me, because something looked different but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Hmmmm, I wonder what it could be? Maybe the total absence of breasts? Maybe the evidence of rib cage poking through where normally there would be a little padding? Or my inability to extend my right arm fully (I miss you, lymph nodes)?

Well, thanks to the shirt, no one needs to wonder. It’s cleared up and we can move on…to the next shirt.

I can’t wait to wear this one (thanks, Kayte!), right after I get reconstructed. 

Wonder if they’ll let me wear this in the hospital, instead of a scratchy gown.

8 Comments on “Fun with t-shirts”

  1. Amy says:

    love it:) Too too cute!

  2. Thypolar says:

    I absolutely love your shirts! Wear them proudly 😉

  3. Sass says:

    My friend’s mom has a shirt along the same lines. I think they are awesome!
    Everytime I see something like them it reminds me why I buy my pink ribbons 😀

  4. ok where did they get the cupcake shirt? gotta have it. Go to cafe press and look at some of theirs, absolutely hilarious…

  5. Ed says:

    F*^& cancer indeed. One doesn’t need to be a survivor to wear that one. You should copyright Kayte’s slogan, it might be your retirement fund.

  6. You go on, girl! You are amazing for surviving the cancer. I’m actually going to be talking about acupuncture to a women’s breast cancer survivor support group end of the month. The group is called Women At Risk, WAR for short. It’s run out of Columbia Medical. I’m pretty sure I am going to be amazed by these women and their stories.

    Continued success!

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