$82,996.75 later…

According to the latest hospital bill, that’s how much my reconstruction cost. Well, at least phase 1 of reconstruction. More phases to come, but let’s not even think about that now; I would hate to stroke out this close to happy hour on the last Friday of spring break.

Here’s the breakdown, in case you’re curious; please note the absence of any fees for the surgeons. I can’t even begin to imagine how massive those costs are, so let’s say for now that the Drs S did an amazing job and I couldn’t put a price on their services if I tried.

ICU Surgical: $9,312.00

Radiology (don’t recall any of that; must have been asleep): $359.00

Medical Surgical Supplies (nice & vague, huh?): $18,117.00

Laboratory: $12,785.00

Pharmacy: $4,306.50

OR Services: $22,550.50

Anesthesia: $9,220.25

Intermediate Care: $2,586.00

Respiratory Services: $147.50

Pathology Lab: $3,607.00

And finally, the most puzzling charge of all:

Patient Convenience: $5.50

WTH?? If anyone knows what “patient convenience” is, and why it costs $5.50, please do tell. I can assure you there were precious few things about that procedure that were actually convenient.

I would have expected my pharmacy fee to be much higher. Maybe as a repeat customer, I get a discount on morphine.

11 Comments on “$82,996.75 later…”

  1. Amy H. says:

    I think the patient convenience is for cable TV (which you didn’t use) and wireless internet (which was used abundantly). My Mimmie used to go around at the hospital and collect $2 per day per patient “TV fee”. Must just put it on the bill now and save little old ladies a few steps.

    The Respiratory Services charge is discount for sure! I’m trying to figure out if the contraption you had to do your breathing exercises cost that much OR if it was the guy who came in the check and see if you had the O2 tubing for “just in case.” Seems like that service should have cost a lot more than $147.50.

  2. Barb Fernald says:

    I was going to guess TV, too, for the patient convenience fee. You have good insurance coverage right??!!

  3. Trevor Hicks says:

    I refuse to pay that $5.50! See you in court, Methodist. And I’ll see you in hell!

  4. Mary Prine says:

    Oh what the heck…. you are worth every penny!!! Or should I say dollar?

  5. SusanP says:

    You are worth every penny and MORE…but it does sort of indicate why we are in a ‘health care crisis’ here in the good ole’ USA doesn’t it?? I most certainly would question the convenience fee. I see NOTHING convenient about this whole journey.
    Love ya, sistah…………

  6. I can’t wait to compare the bills! Hope all is well out there in Texas. The weekend is HERE!

  7. Mandi says:

    It is interesting watching the medical bills come in! I always have heard that cancer is an expensive adventure, and expensive may be an understatement. You ARE worth every penny though. 🙂

    I keep telling everyone that when my reconstruction is done I will have the most expensive boob job out of any of my friends!

  8. Ed says:

    It’s simple. They paid me $5.50 to not talk to or otherwise bother you. Money well spent, no? Also, the pharmacy charge is way too low. Proof that they shortchanged you on the good drugs.

  9. […] the two doppler wires and the 4 JP drains, somebody owes me 6 margaritas. No salt.”  Of my $82,996.75 bill for The Big Dig, I wrote: “I would have expected my pharmacy fee to be much higher than […]

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