$82,996.75 later…

According to the latest hospital bill, that’s how much my reconstruction cost. Well, at least phase 1 of reconstruction. More phases to come, but let’s not even think about that now; I would hate to stroke out this close to happy hour on the last Friday of spring break.

Here’s the breakdown, in case you’re curious; please note the absence of any fees for the surgeons. I can’t even begin to imagine how massive those costs are, so let’s say for now that the Drs S did an amazing job and I couldn’t put a price on their services if I tried.

ICU Surgical: $9,312.00

Radiology (don’t recall any of that; must have been asleep): $359.00

Medical Surgical Supplies (nice & vague, huh?): $18,117.00

Laboratory: $12,785.00

Pharmacy: $4,306.50

OR Services: $22,550.50

Anesthesia: $9,220.25

Intermediate Care: $2,586.00

Respiratory Services: $147.50

Pathology Lab: $3,607.00

And finally, the most puzzling charge of all:

Patient Convenience: $5.50

WTH?? If anyone knows what “patient convenience” is, and why it costs $5.50, please do tell. I can assure you there were precious few things about that procedure that were actually convenient.

I would have expected my pharmacy fee to be much higher. Maybe as a repeat customer, I get a discount on morphine.